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Philosophy of The Encounter

is loosely based on the story of Hélène Rytman, who was murdered by her husband, prominent philosopher Louis Althusser, in 1980. Althusser faced no charges by reason of temporary insanity, and the crime he committed barely affected his reputation: his texts written before and after the murder continue to be published and read. Hélène, on the other hand, is largely forgotten; in death, as in life, she remains silent – an insignificant woman lost in the shadow of her famous husband. 

The project consists of an artist book ('Fhilosofhy of the Encounter', published by Pinsapo Press, 2019), a set of fabric sculptures made in collaboration with artist Mona Sharma, a puppet performance staged for video and series of paintings and embroideries. The works reconstruct the story from Hélène's point of view and ground Althusser's theory in his wife's experiences

Fhilosofhy of the Encounter: Helene's Story. Highlight reel.

Total running time 3:41 min., 2018

Fhilosofhy of the Encounter: Helene's Story.

Puppet performance staged for video. Total running time 42:28 min.


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