Yalta: A story of disappearance (2013)

This short film is made of archival footage documenting the Yalta conference - a historic meeting between Franklin D. Roosevelt, Winston Churchill and Joseph Stalin, which took place in Crimea in February 1945. The conference brought to a close the short-lived period of hope and optimism produced by the wartime collaboration between the USSR and the Western Allies and is often considered the starting point of the Cold War. The film shows behind-the-scenes of the conference through the eyes of a fictitious character, a member of the American delegation Lt. Peter Rigdon. As the story develops, the viewers will learn about Rigdon’s possible involvement in espionage and his mysterious disappearance soon after the conference. The film attempts to resolve the mystery by examining the archival footage – and fails to do so.

Yalta: A story of disappearance, digitized archival footage, 09:47 min., 2013